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Recommended Catering Services

In need of someone to Cater some amazing foods using some of my shakedown rubs, I recommend contacting my sister Honey. Honey specializes in Soul Food as well as assorted cakes, treats, pies, cobblers and puddings-straight deliciousness.. Visit her website below to see her full menu, She ready for yall!!!

Reli’s Kitchen catering food service intended to reconnect loved ones at the dinner table. “Relis” the abbreviated urban word for relative refers to the family value of our objective, showcasing inspiring recipes from relatives all over the world with the blend of my shake down rubs!!

Want some Exotic catering dishes Home made meals from scratch, made with love and with some of my seasonings!! Check out CDM Catering and ask for Chef Marco


Want to feed off some amazing authentic Jamaican dishes that caters, check out Stephaine Tastie Tymez Menu!!



Other Recommendations

Interested in supplements that I highly recommend? Info about specific Super foods that can Possibly change your life!



Minnesota Nice Auto Repair and Services

“Value, Integrity and Swift Repairs”
I’ve been going to Minnesota Automotive for all my auto repairs for about 6 years that gives out great prices, courtesy customer services and straight Honesty.

Want to learn, build a new career and business defining a persons body? Check out Luxe’s School for your 12 lesson courses for only $300

Need to shine with some amazing assorted Jewelry for the right price? Check out Mrs. J’s paparazzi collections…

Want to learn while building multiple websites for only $50/month? This is how I personally built this website. Click Here or on the WA pic below..


Want to Invest in stocks or Crypto Currency? Earn free shares of Apple or what is being promoted by signing up with Webull or Robinhood !! Click on name or below logo’s to get started..