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  • Victor Williams says:

    The seasoning is very good with meat chicken I use it for baking and frying you can’t go wrong ??

    • Thanks Victor, most people think when rub is mentioned that it’s only for grilling and smoking meats but this product is for multiple cooking methods as it says on the bottle “or what it is, you desire!!!”

  • Tamra Brooks says:

    I used his lemon pepper and i loved it. It has a good lemon zest that flavors you meat perfect.
    His lemon pepper to me is better than the store bought lemon pepper.

  • Alfredo says:

    Perfect blend of spices! I purchased all four of them and this is my number one pick. Now I am with my second bottle. My family loves it every time I use the lemon pepper garlic herb on bbq. Highly recommended!

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